MorzAviation has been replaced by Ground School

MorzAviation provides ground school courses and mock exams for the theoretical subjects to receive a pilots license for licenses under the EASA, SACAA and RAASA jurisdictions.

With MorzAviation, you can pass the written exams the first time. The content covers the NPL, PPL and CPL syllabi as well as supporting exams such as Restricted Radio, General Radio, Night Rating and Instrument Rating. There are also mock exams for the Flight Instructor Rating course.

The courses have been developed to be in line with the respective syllabus the exam is for. They include detailed diagrams and examples to help students to fully understand a topic.

MorzAviation also has thousands of mock questions with explanations. The database is continuously updated with new questions and improvements to the current questions based on feedback from students.

Morzaviation can be accessed at the following URL: